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Geotechnical Engineering

The safe and economical design of municipal facilities depends on the behavior of the underlying materials. Coupled with this must be a complete understanding of geologic and seismic hazards that are specific to each unique site. These challenges must be met by experience and qualified personnel.
GCE has established significant Geotechnical Engineering capabilities to compliment our wide range of other services.  GCE personnel have over 25 years of applicable experience throughout California on a wide range of municipal projects.  These projects have included water and wastewater treatment facilities, essential services buildings, airports, roadways, parks, and renewable energy.   


Key Services

¨       Due Diligence Geotechnical and Geologic Evaluations

¨       Subsurface Soil Investigations

¨       Geologic and Seismic Hazard Evaluations

¨       Fault Studies

¨       Groundwater Evaluations

¨       Slope Stability

¨       Shallow and Deep Foundation Design

¨       Lateral Earth Pressures

¨       Pavement Evaluations

¨       Pavement Design

¨       Drainage Design

¨       Settlement Analysis

¨       Soil Expansion/Collapse

¨       Soil and Rock Strength

¨       Rippability Studies

¨       Soil Classification

¨       Soil and Rock Permeability

¨       Corrosion

¨       Forensic/Expert Witness

Dean Stanphill,
Apr 27, 2011, 9:11 AM