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Greenhouse Gas - AB32

GCE is the consulting firm you can trust to assist you with a wide range of Greenhouse Gas consulting needs. Our offices in Anaheim, California, Reno, Nevada and Portland, Oregon are staffed with professionals that are ready to meet your sustainability needs. Our professionals are registered civil engineers, mechanical engineers, geologists, environmental assessors and groundwater hydrogeologists. 
We are your California, Oregon and Nevada Greenhouse Gas Experts. 
With regards to California, we can assist you from the Mexican border to the Trinity Alps.
Types of projects and industries that are now required to address Greenhouse Gas Emissions are the following:
¨    Landfills (especially landfill gas to energy or cogeneration plants)
¨    Cement Plants
¨    Hydrogen Plants
¨    Electrical Generation Facilities
¨    Other Cogeneration Facilities
¨    Transit Operators
¨    Cities
¨    Counties
¨    Industrial Operators
¨    Agriculture (including animals, feed, machinery, and digesters)

GCE can assist you with the following:

Prepare Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Inventories to establish the carbon footprint of your operations and facilities.  State and Federal Regulations are now requiring GHG reporting.  A specialized area of expertise is in the area of GHG emissions from transit facilities.  GCE will use the APTA Standards Development Program Recommended Practice (APTA SUDS-CC-RP-001-09) the protocol of the Climate Registry to assess your transit emissions for State, County, City or Regional Transit Authority projects.
Develop Strategies for Reducing GHG Emissions, including developing offset strategies.  An important aspect of any project includes quantifying the carbon credit or carbon offsets that are available for each specific project or process.  GCE has assisted our clients on many different sorts of projects to obtain funding opportunities for projects through the use of carbon credits. 
Permitting: Whether it is Title V, US EPA's Greenhouse Gas Rules for Landfills, EPA's Tailoring Rule, or other regulations, GCE can assist you in obtaining the permits that you need.  We have extensive experience working the South Coast Air Quality Management District, the San Joaquin Air Management District, the Bay Area Air Management District, and various other State and Federal Agencies.

Sustainability for a New Global Consciousness

Climate Change and Global Warming seem to be the major headlines in all  of the news.  Whether you believe that global warming or global climate change is a result of man-made factors or natural cycles, it is a factor that must be addressed.  GCE has always been the leader in landfill gas to energy systems, combined heat and power systems and other methods to design for the recycling of biogas.  New challenges await us as we try to tackle the non methane organic compounds that comprise much of the worldwide greenhouse gas. Although the global warming potential of CO is 1.0, its shear volume make its control la monumental challenge.
As we all know, Propositions 23 (AB 23) would have suspended AB 32.  AB 32, known as the "Global Warming Act of 2006" requires greenhouse gas emission levels in the State of California be cut to 1990 levels by 2020.  The process of cutting Greenhouse Gas emissions in the state is slated under AB 32 to begin in 2012. Thankfully, the initiated state statute AB 23 (also known as the "Dirty Energy Proposition") was recently defeated on the November 2, 2010 ballot.
What does this mean for the State of California?  Local and regional agencies are going to have to reduce their carbon footprint to 1990 levels.  To accomplish this will take a team effort among citizen groups, end users, agencies and consultants.  GCE is the consultant that can bring this together and help you navigate the regulatory maze.