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New and Innovative Technologies

GC Environmental is always looking for new and innovative technologies in the environmental field.  Listed below are links to web sites and references which provide information on advancements in Phytoremediation.


Phytoremediation Bibliography, prepared by the EPA Phytoremediation Handbook Team in conjunction with the RTDF Phytoremediation of Organics Action Team, updated April 1998.
Phytoremediation of TCE in Groundwater by Jonathan Chappell, EPA NNEMS Fellow, February 1998.
Phytoremediation Technology Evaluation Report, prepared by Jerry Schnoor for TWRTAC, October 1997, TE-98-01.
Phytoremediation Technology Overview Report, prepared by Ralinda R. Miller for GWRTAC, October 1996, TO-96-03.
Development of a Phytoremediation Handbook:  Considerations for Enhancing Microbial Degradation in the Rhizosphere by Todd A. Anderson, AAAS/EPA Environmental Science and Engineering Fellow, August 1997.  Claudia Sturges, 202-326-6700.

REFERENCES (not links)

Solutions Magazine, May/June 1997
"Phytoremediation:  A new technology gets ready to bloom," by Jim Bishop.

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"Mother Nature's Pump and Treat," by Kalle Matso,

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"The Green Clean," by Kathryn Brown Sargeant.