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Operation and Maintenance

GCE wrote the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) Landfill Gas Manual of Practice (MOP) which is an indicator of the breadth and depth of our knowledge and experience in the operations and maintenance of landfill gas collection/ recovery/control systems, flares, and leachate and condensate control systems. This comprehensive MOP is currently available for sale through SWANA to landfill owner/operators across the United States. GCE Principals routinely provide training for the SWANA Operation and Maintenance and Landfill Gas Basics courses. 

Tasks commonly performed include:

¨    System Start-up
¨    Troubleshooting
¨    Emergency Repairs
¨   Remote System Monitoring
¨   Routine Operation and Maintenance
¨    Well and Conveyance Systems    
¨   Flare Systems
¨   Leachate Treatment Systems
¨   Condensate Handling Systems
¨   Energy Recovery Equipment