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Process Engineering and Fabrication

GC Environmental, Inc. (GCE) and our personnel have been providing process engineering services for oil, gas, and biogas projects for over 35 years. Engineering services have been provided for a variety of projects for oil fields, refineries, landfills, and anaerobic digesters. As a practical consideration, GCE personnel don’t limit ourselves to just process engineering solutions, but we consider equipment cost, materials of construction, equipment life, serviceability, flexibility and reliability to provide working solutions. If the equipment GCE designs are not able to function reliably over a broad range of operating conditions and without much maintenance, then the project will not be profitable.
In today’s society there are also other considerations. It is not enough just to engineer and construct highly successful energy recovery plants. In our modern society there are complex environmental considerations that also have to be dealt with. GCE also considers the impact of our designs on environmental permits and can tailor our solutions to assist in achieving regulatory compliance while helping to protect our clients from future emissions liability.

GCE performs engineering for clients across the Country and in many parts of the World. Our process engineering, plant engineering, and construction expertise was originally gained through the 1970’s designing oil and natural gas process equipment. Process engineering was performed for adsorption and absorption systems, low temperature separators, oil treaters, electrostatic dehydrators, free water knockouts, amine sweeteners, and a variety of other types of equipment.

In 1979-1980 our personnel designed our first landfill gas energy recovery for the Bradley Landfill. This plant was designed to process 5 MMSCFD. In 1986 we designed our first high BTU project landfill gas project for Southern California Edison for a fuel cell demonstration project at the City of Industry landfill. Because landfill gas was being used to generate hydrogen gas by reforming, it was essential that all deleterious contaminants be removed from the gas. The fuel cell operated throughout the demonstration period with no fuel problems. On disassembly of the reformer, the manufacturer reported that they couldn’t tell any difference between the reformer using methane from landfill gas vs. a reformer using natural gas. It is because of our hands on experience that allows us to provide advanced gas treatment options to remove other contaminants from biogas including siloxane and chlorinated hydrocarbons thus enhancing biogas’ suitability as an alternative fuel. Most recently GCE has been developing a process to remove oxygen, and nitrogen from landfill gas at moderate pressure using a pressure swing adsorption process.
Complimenting a full range of engineering capabilities, GCE can provide turnkey services that include fabrication and installation of components as well as construction, quality assurance and operations and maintenance services.  Our team of fabricators use state of the art equipment and qualified and certified welders.  Our team is dedicated to Quality, Schedule, and Safety and we can deliver your project in-time and within budget.
Typical items to be fabricated include:
¨   Media Storage Tanks
¨   Chillers
¨   Heat Exchangers
¨   Stainless Steel Piping
All items can be skid mounted for easy installation at your project site.
Dean Stanphill,
Apr 27, 2011, 8:55 AM